Teaching painting and drawing to a group of international Participants on a lush green, tropical island in Thailand always proves a joyful and rewarding experience. Our group of artists are of all abilities, from absolute beginner to those with a lifetimes' experience. Some have been put off 'art' at school when told by a teacher they couldn't draw. Others had busy careers, preventing them the luxury of time to do something for themselves. Linking them together is the desire to work creatively, develop new skills and to cope with the distractions of painting and drawing in the warmth and beauty of Ko Samet. Seen here is a small selection of the refreshing images they've created. They reflect the artists' enthusiasm and genuine excitement in making images that are more than superficial memories of their time in Thailand.
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Kel Portman

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eGallery of 2002
eGallery of 2004

Artists in Paradise

Skyros in Ko Samet, Thailand