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ArtBreaks Creative Holidays and Courses in Painting and Drawing

ArtBreaks Creative Holidays and Courses in Painting and Drawing

ArtBreaks Creative Holidays and Courses in Painting and Drawing

ArtBreaks Creative Holidays and Courses in Painting and Drawing

ArtBreaks Creative Holidays and Courses in Painting, computer arts and Drawing

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ArtBreaks Creative Holidays and Courses

ArtBreaks Creative Holidays and Courses


Here you'll find a selection of our latest drawing and painting courses. We don't offer every one of them every year, but if there's a course listed here that you would like to do and it doesn't appear on our dates and bookings page, please contact us and we may be able to run a 'special' one-to-one course for you.

Everyone can draw. DP1
An introduction to Drawing and Visual Excitement. If you can see, then you can draw. Participants will examine ways of establishing and developing drawing skills whilst increasing visual awareness and making artistic decisions.

Moving on to painting. DP2
Establishing skills in looking, seeing, investigating personal style and introducing painting techniques.

Colourwork. DP3
An introduction to Painting and Working with Colour that builds on observational and interpretational skills, the course will introduce Participants to utilise and exploit colour to generate feeling, atmosphere and emotion in visual work.

Drawing for Painting. DP4
Drawing and observation as a way of understanding the nature of the subject. Field studies are often the starting point for later works that may vary in size, material or interpretation. This course will help Participants to evaluate visual possibilities for studies made with the intention of taking the image further.

Water, Skies, Fields and Trees.

Analytical and interpretive studies of natural features. We help you find your way to render and interpret these features through careful observation and a range of techniques.

Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. DP6
The natural landscape and its' atmosphere offers an enduring subject for many artists. Participants will establish a range of skills, both practical and intellectual that help and allow them to translate and create an 'equivalent' in their work that is the result of their visual experiences.

Abstraction and developing ideas. DP7
Artists have always looked for an individual and unique approach to making images. Although observation is often the chosen route of image making, direct representation of the subject is but one way of relating that experience to others. Participants will gain insight into understanding the work of artists whose images appear distant and inaccessible, whilst establishing their own way of seeing.

Drawing and Painting from the Heart. DP8
Works that come from inside and reflect our emotions and feelings are modified by what we see and how we respond. With subject matter taken from direct observation, previous drawings or even from memory, Participants will be encouraged to examine their own awareness to produce images that provoke a direct emotional response in the viewer.

Computers for Artists. CA1
Artists are increasingly finding the use of computers stimulates new and exciting creative possibilities. You need no previous experience in computers to explore for yourself the use of the best applications including 'Illustrator', 'Painter' and Photoshop'.

Drawing & Painting on the Greek island of Skyros
with Skyros Holidays
August and September 2015

"Being 'creative' is as much about approach as it is technique"

Kel invites you to see life through the eyes of an artist. Whatever your level of skill, from non-artist and absolute beginner to expert, you will find that helpful advice and feedback will enable you to discover new techniques and processes in drawing and painting.
Designed to help you to connect and engage with your creative selves, the course explores a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, photography and writing, it will help bring you the excitement, stimulation and satisfaction of finding a way to harness your latent creative energy.

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Walks with a Sketchbook at The Grange, Isle of WIght
Fri 18 - Sun 20 Sept 2015

The best views of a landscape are rarely experienced better than when on foot, with first-hand and direct experience of our inspirational coastline and countryside. As we walk, well be looking for subjects, stopping for short or more lengthy sessions and establishing ways to respond to the coatal landscape.

We will be exploring traditional methods of drawing and painting, as well as more unusual techniques. The weekend holiday is suitable for all abilities from complete beginners to more advanced. Kel will offer a balance between tuition and activity with plenty of help, advice, with feedback and constructive critique.
Bring your favourite sketching materials as well as a camera, tablet to mobile to record some wonderful views.
You'll need to be comfortable walking about 6 miles along footpaths with some short climbs and possibly uneven terrain. Clothing: please bring suitable footware and dress appropriately for the weather conditions. We will send you a materials list near the time of the holiday.

The course weekend begins with arrival from 4pm on the Friday evening and optional dinner at 7.30pm. After dinner there is a welcoming get-together and an introduction to the course.
Courses generally run for two hours from 10.30am to 12.30pm on Saturday, 5pm to 7pm on Saturday afternoon and from 10.30am to 12.30pm on Sunday. However, this timing may well alter according to the programme for walks.

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Landscape Painting
with HF Holidays
These sociable, full day drawing and painting sessions that are both fun and educational. We'll walk for around 2 miles each day, making observations, sketching and painting along the route. Kel will be offering guidance in approaching the subject using exercises and projects developed through 'mindfulness' and with carefully chosen projects expand your knowledge of process and techniques. Your drawings and sketches may be the finished result or used as a source for a later painting. 

A 4 night hoiliday course in Church Stretton, Shropshire
The Shropshire Hills offer some of the most rugged and beautiful landscape to be found in Britain. Our course will use it's big skies, hills and surrounding areas as our subject. 

A 7 day holiday course at St Ives, Cornwall
Discover artistic inspiration as we walk through some of Britain's most attractive scenery.
The coastal areas around St Ives offer a huge variety of inspirational landscapes; rugged cliffs, quaint villages, picturesque harbours.

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Skyros Participants Weekend. SP1
A weekend course for ex-Participants. We can’t guarantee the
sun of Greece or Thailand, but the memories will be good and
the company wonderful. We’ll also get to grips with the
artistic issues, techniques and skills that are important
wherever an easel is set up.

Open College of the Arts Weekend. OC1
A practical workshop and a chance to meet fellow students to
discuss issues and ideas that are contained in OCA courses,
in particular: Drawing, Drawing in Colour and Watercolour Painting

Walking with Artists
It’s fine to expect to find the best landscapes within 10 metres of the car park, but rarely likely. Our guided ‘Walking with Artists ’ will take you off the beaten track and into the most delightful rolling Cotswold countryside. We’ll walk through intimate copses and woodland that open up into broad vistas over the Severn Vale to the distant Welsh Mountains. Although it’s a bit hilly, our short, relaxed walks of around 5 miles (with a lunch stop at a country pub) allow plenty of opportunities to stop and make preliminary studies, that can be later worked on in the studio.
(see our 'Walking' page for walk descriptions)

Technique Workshops. TW11

These practical courses look at specific materials, exploring their qualities and use.
Our 2 day courses investigate 2 different media:

1. Painting in Watercolour

Watercolour is one of the most natural and popular ways of painting. It can offer flexibility and spontaneity with some wonderful, gestural effects.

2. Painting in Acrylic
This simple to use, versatile and popular medium presents the artist with a rich vocabulary of finishes from thin and transparent washes to rich impasto.

3. Painting in Oil
The traditional painting medium, that is highly adaptable and manipulable. We examine different approaches, techniques and finishes while working from the landscape, still life or model.

4. Pastel Work
Pastel is an ideal medium for working from nature.
Our workshop will introduce you to this expressive medium with its’ richness of mark coupled with exciting spontaneity.

5. Working with Collage
Investigate this exciting medium that exploits the use of cut, torn and found materials to create powerful and graphic images.

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