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Kel Portman

Photographs, Greece
Walking the Land Projects
Paintings, Drawings, Prints
Photographs & Recent work


Artists at Skyros 2013
Artists & Photographers at Atsitsa 2011
Painting at the Grange 2010

Artists at Atsitsa 2007
Artists at Atsitsa 2004

Winter in Skyros 2003
Skyros in Thailand

HF Holidays    

Lulworth Cove Landscape Photography March 2015
Church Stretton Focus on Light March 2015
Dovedale Landscape Photography October 2013
Dovedale Introduction to Drawing March 2013
Dovedale April 2012
Derwentwater October 2011
Freshwater Bay 2007
Derwentwater 2007
St Ives 2005

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