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Cotswold art walks
Photographers in the Cotswolds


ArtBreaks Photography, Painting and Walking
in the Cotswold Hills of Gloucestershire

offered at various dates throughout the year.
The green, rolling Cotswold Hills of Gloucestershire are the base for our creative courses in Photography and Painting. They also provide the setting for our many walks, including Walking with Artists.
These beautiful,
undulating limestone hills are at the heart of the English countryside and offer some of the most attractive and visually inspirational scenery in the country. Our Cotswold creative workshops offer a unique opportunity to draw, paint and photograph the landscape, experience small hamlets, ancient monuments and delightful market towns.
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charney manor
Charney Manor

The Art of Landscape Photography
Charney Manor, Oxfordshire

6th - 8th May

Charney Manor is an idyllic and peaceful retreat set in the Oxfordshire countryside. Some parts of the manor house date back to the thirteenth century, and it is regarded as a haven of tranquillity where people from across the country can come for reflection, renewal and relaxation. With its refurbished and comfortable rooms, tempting meals and delightful grounds, Charney Manor provides a warm welcome to its guests throughout the year.

yoga at atsitsa
Yoga, sunset in Atsitsa, Skyros

artists in Atsitsa
Artists on Skyros


The Photographer's Eye
The Skyros Centre & Atsitsa, Skyros, Greece

28th August - 4th September The Skyros Centre
4th - 11th September Atsitsa

Our exotic location is on the historic and beautiful Greek island of Skyros, full of ancient memories of Achilles and Odysseus. Described as Greece's best kept secret, we are based on the coast on a beautiful pine tree-edged bay. It's here on the edge of a blue Aegean that we find inspiration to photograph, paint and draw.
Skyros holistic holidays have been operating for over 25 years offering a safe and open environment where everyone can be themselves.

In addition to the Photography course from 22nd August - 4th September, Participants chose from a whole range of interesting courses that include:
'Life in Balance' - bring more joy and alignment into your life everyday with tutor Andry Anastasiou
'Mindlessness', a course for people who are interested in laughter with comedian, writer and broadcaster Arthur Smith
Yoga is offered before breakfast

And from 4th - 11th September there are;
'Landscape Adventure' with Richard Layzell
'Yoga Beyond Yoga',with Kenneth Ryan
Windsurfing, with Shay Rosenthal
'Music & Singing', with Tom Morley
'Trapeze', with Deborah Sanderson
'Screen Writing' with Tiana Harper
'Love What You Do' with Julian Russell

All this, amazing scenery and wonderful food.

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The Grange
The Grange



The Art of Photography
The Grange, Isle of Wight
11th -17th October

Blessed by Britain's best weather, and rich in visible history - Roman villas, medieval castles and historic houses - the Isle possesses an extraordinary grace. Over half of it is preserved as an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with lush green pastures, pristine streams and animal and bird sanctuaries.
The Grange is an elegant and comfortable early nineteenth century building that nestles in the heart of Shanklin's old village and yet it is only a minute away from the village's long sandy beach. With plenty of character and warmth, it combines historic charm with modern facilities and a friendly, attentive service tailored to meet individual requirements.

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