photography coiurses in the cotswolds
Beechwood. Winter

Stroud Farmers Market
Study. Stroud Farmer's Market

photography courses in the cotswolds
Below the Beacon

digital photography courses in the cotswoldsPainswick Churchyard. Photo Bob Mercer

Skyros portrait
Island Resident, with Skyros Holidays


Here you'll find our latest selection of photography courses and destinations.  We don't offer every one of them every year, but if there's a course listed here that you would like to do and it's not listed on our dates and bookings page, please contact us and we may be able to run a 'special' one-to-one course for you.

Adobe Photoshop for Photographers
Photographers and artists are increasingly finding the use of computers stimulates new and exciting creative possibilities, doing away with the need for a conventional darkroom. Complex image manipulation is now a reality as we look at ways of making stunning prints with a desktop printer. You need no previous experience in computers to explore for yourself the use of the industry standard application; ‘Photoshop’.

  Introdution to Photography
  An introductory course to the understanding and use of equipment. We offer help and advice in chosing subjects; technical matters; composition and photographic design.
  The Art of Photography

The important skills in photography are those of thought and reason, whereas other creative arts such as drawing or painting often require manual dexterity. This 2 day course will emphasise the skills of seeing, selection and imagination using digital cameras, iPhones, iPads or conventional film cameras. The content reflects a need for the photographer to develop an effective use of visual language through the choice of subject or content, coupled with a powerful understanding of the principles of photographic design. The course is practical with a theoretical background.
We will be photographing outdoors and use subject material selected from the landscape, architecture and environment of the Cotswolds.


Cotswold walks with a camera

  Our guided walks with a camera take you out into the most delightful, rolling Cotswold countryside. We take to footpaths that meander through villages, intimate copses and woodland, that open into broad vistas over the Severn Vale to the distant Welsh mountains. Our relaxed and enjoyable walks allow plenty of opportunities to stop and make studies under the guidance of your photography Tutor.

Digital Photography


The technological move from silver based material to a digital format has changed the way photographs are taken and used. However, sound image selection, design and composition remain the basis of good photographic images. The course will investigate digital photography and explore it’s advantages and limitations over conventional materials and techniques. Underpinning this, we conduct an investigation into subject selection and image design.



Courses on location


'The Art of Landscape Photography' at Charney Manor 6th-8th May

'Making a photograph' can be considered as a meditation. By slowing down the process and giving ourselves time to consider, we can explore a new, more 'mindful' approach to the medium. We will look at design, composition, lighting, colour, illustration and narrative, to help you be more aware of time and place and to develop a personal style. Participants will need their own digital camera, iPads or phones, a laptop computer or tablet, and will need to be able to walk around 5km over irregular terrain, footpaths and tracks.

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The Photographer's Eye on the Greek island of Skyros
28th August - 4th September & 4th-11th September

This is a course for those who have never been taught the art of photography. It won't confuse you with technical jargon, rather you will be encouraged to look at ideas and approaches to help you take better photographs.
Photography is one of the most accessible ways of making images and of visual self expression. With modern cameras (and devices) the important skills are the eye and imagination, rather than a great technical knowledge.

There will be exercises that help you handle and control your camera, but the emphasis is on the creative rather than the gadget and there will be regular viewing and critique of images to help you to extend your skills.
Using as subjects the dramatic island landscape, still life, the unique architecture and the inhabitants of Skyros, participants will explore the language of photography, image construction, design and composition, lighting, selection of colour, illustration and narrative.

What to bring along?
Bring your digital camera, phone or iPad, along with fresh memory cards and your laptop if you have one. And an open mind, of course.

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  The Art of Photography at The Grange, Isle of Wight  7th-9th October  

Based on the seaside town of Shanklin, The Grange offers wonderful location and comfortable accommodation as we photographically explore the coastline and develop photographic skills.

Our inspirational Isle of Wight coastal landscape provides a range of choices about how we photographically capture its mood and atmosphere, texture and colour, light and weather. During our relaxed and enjoyable walks, well investigate practical techniques and approaches to landscape photography through a series of short projects and assignments in wonderful locations, with views of the sea and coastal countryside.
Photographic technology has greatly changed recently with the introduction of new cameras and devices such as tablets and phones. Our course will explore these and is suited to all abilities of photographer, from beginner to advanced. Kel will offer help, advice and constructive critiques, to assist you develop your photographic skills and your own personal approach to image making.

Bring your camera, tablet or mobile as well as spare batteries, leads, handbook, and if you have one, a laptop to enable some simple editing.
You'll need to be comfortable walking along footpaths with some short climbs and possibly uneven terrain. Clothing: please bring suitable footware and dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

The course weekend begins with arrival from 4pm on the Friday evening and optional dinner at 7.30pm. After dinner there is a welcoming get-together and an introduction to the course.
Courses generally run for two hours from 10.30am to 12.30pm on Saturday, 5pm to 7pm on Saturday afternoon and from 10.30am to 12.30pm on Sunday. However, this timing may well alter according to the programme for walks.

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